Entertainment Complexes

  • Splitsville Bowling & Billiards Location: Downtown Disney, FL, Tampa, FL, Miami, FL, Arlington, TX, Fairview, TX, Fredricksburg, VA Description: Splitsville luxury bowling lanes vary in size from 25,000sqft to 60,000sqft and feature billiards, live entertainment, and indoor and outdoor seating.. See More
  • Hooters Casino Hotel Location: Las Vegas, NV, Foxborough, MA Description: The existing 30 year old San Remo was completely renovated into the Hooters Casino Hotel.. See More
  • Muviville Entertainment Complex Location: Fredericksburg, VA Description: The 100,000sqft Muviville entertainment complex was build from the ground up via the tilt up construction method.. See More
  • Paragon Grove 13 Location: Coconut Grove, FL Description: We completed renovated an existing theater space into a luxury movie theater.. See More